Why "icons" though?

An icon is simply the relic of an era - the Studebaker was an icon of the 1950s. Technology is travelling at such a fast rate that the icons it leaves behind it, are quickly forgotten. Through the still camera I want to put these relics together into a pattern, much the same way as you put words together to form a sentence.

So you're using light as a kind of pencil for a new script?

That's right. I must apologise to present scientific beliefs but I'm afraid light does not travel in straight lines. Light, when travelling through Spacial Time, writes out the script of a new visual language. I would be interested in how this new visual language is to be spoken.

Just a minute, what is Spacial Time?

Well I have worked out a formula for Spacial Time: Ordinary or Universal Time, ST=UT x Absolute Time? Spacial Time is the temporal measurement of acoustic space; acoustic space is the sense of space you have when your eyes are closed.