Furthermore, although we like to believe there is a common vision which the photograph cannot ere from, there
is an instinct of mistrust in this; we all know that Zanetta's view of the world is fortunately different than Harry's. When I temporarily lost most of my sight in 1969, I began to take photographs with my ears. I was experiencing a new way
of seeing, photographing all things sudden and
disconnected. What was this means of expression
with a camera? I think of it as collecting the iconography
of "Spacial Time".

The result is photo-iconography that presents twenty first century "tapestries", the collision of photography, the power of Zen and Spacial Time . Where do I feel most at home? Technologically, the 21st / 22nd Century. Sensorically, the middle ages!


"Ron Eden's photographs are overtures in acoustic space as opposed to visual space..." Professor Harley Parker Associate, Centre for Culture and Technology, Toronto Canada.

Tom Wolfe Author,

Art gallery exhibitions: Tolarno, Hogarth, Gerstman, Standfield, Stadia and Sale and private collections worldwide.

Ron, what is iconography?

It's really using photography in a different way to the way it's usually done.

It is using it for a kind of creative interplay rather than as mere illustration. Of course, once you use photography differently you start using the camera differently.

How did you use it differently?

Like an Abstract Expressionist uses a paint-brush.