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E-commerce is about e-retailing, it's about websites that allow customers to securely purchase goods and services over the Internet. Australia On Line can provide merchants with a fully secure bank certified website at a price any business can afford. A bank certified e-commerce website gives your customers the "peace of mind" they need to shop Online. To find out more, click here.


B2B EC is the sharing and exchange of information via the Internet, to create a more efficient business process. Australia On Line are experienced in design, development and deployment of fully integrated e-business processes. To find out more about e-business and Australia On Lineís expertise in this area, click here.

Add E-commerce to your web site and establish a 24 hour shop front in the global marketplace.

Fully Enabled Bank certified E-Commerce Solutions from $3950*

Australia Online can tailor an E-commerce solution to meet the specific needs and budget of any business. Our
Web Design Department can build an interactive shopping cart application for your existing web site, or design your e-commerce site from scratch. A small proprietary e-commerce enabled web site (designed with a unique look and feel) can be produced from as little as $3950.* This solution includes 2000 free transactions, state of the art transaction security, one years hosting, registration of a domain name, in fact everything required to produce, publish and transact safely on the Internet. The transaction software used in this package is bank certified, which means merchants donít even see customerís credit card details, they bypass the merchant and are sent directly to the bank.
As with EFTPOS, merchants simply receive a "transaction approved" or "rejected" response, and money from approved transactions is instantly credited to the merchantís account.

E-Commerce-The Facts

E-Commerce is the future of retailing. Already we have witnessed phenomenal success stories such as Amazon.com and CD-Now.com. According to the Computer Industry Almanac, the number of people with Internet access in 1996 was 61 million. In Nov 1999 this figure was 259 million and is predicted to reach 490 million by 2002. By 2005 720 million people will have access to the World Wide Web on a weekly basis. E-commerce is growing at a similar rate. In 1996
e-commerce sales were $1.9 billion, by 1998 this figure had reached $8 billion, by 2002 it is predicted to reach $80 billion, and by 2005 over $260 billion.

State of the art Security

For many people anxious to purchase or sell goods or services over the Internet, concerns about security have often had a negative impact on their buying decisions. These concerns are fast becoming as obsolete as a 486 computer. Australia Online, in conjunction with our E-commerce strategic partners, is able to offer the following:

  • Confidentiality of payment information and accompanying order information.
  • Authentication of legitimacy of specific cardholder.
  • Military-strength cryptographic mechanisms for secure Internet transactions which are SET compliant.
E-Commerce Quotations

Whatever your E-commerce needs or budget, Australia Online will implement an
E-commerce solution that will enable your business to set up a 24 hour shop front in the global market place, at extremely competitive rates. Please call Australia On Line on 1300 665 661or [613 9686 1051] for further information or a no-obligation free quotation.

*These figures are indicative only and are not binding.

Australia On Line are the E-business professionals.

Our E-business development record spans two continents, Australia and the USA, and dates back to 1995.

Business to Business E-commerce (B2BEC) - E-business Solutions

Through itís subsidiary company Lojiks, Australia On Line has been responsible for the development of very large strategic e-business developments for corporations in both Australia and the USA. Clients include US Fortune 100 companies CSX Rail and Arch Communications, as well as Q-Link, and National Rail.

Australia On line have the Internet savvy and expertise to design and integrate secure front end web applications into corporate back end computer systems.
he result is a truly seamless transaction process whereby sales data and supply inventory is automatically updated to a central host. Paperwork, data entry duplication and many other inefficiencies in the supply chain are eliminated by integrating the entire business process Online.

E~Business - A more efficient business process

E-business is the sharing and exchange of information via the Internet, to create a more efficient business process. Itís about businesses streamlining the supply chain process and compress costs. It Ďs about replacing the paper and fax trail with an electronic audit. Itís about the cost savings that become possible when order processing, sales analysis, inventory control, dispatch, shipping and financial systems can be controlled on a single platform, that can be integrated into buyers and sellers corporate computer systems.

The benefits are significant, organisation and industry wide efficiencies are created, the costs of servicing, transacting and managing the supply chain process are drastically reduced. Supply can be managed using the "just in time" principal, reducing inventory and warehousing costs. Information is keyed into the data chain once only, eliminating transcribing errors and data input costs. At the same time B2B EC can reduce the cost of business communications. The Internet, as a common communications platform, replaces a myriad of platforms. Payments can be settled more quickly, in fact the operational efficiencies created can enable organisations to increase margins while aggressively pricing themselves in the market.

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