Introduce Reflexology To Your Workplace

Reflexology improves circulation and relieves stress and tension.
Regular treatments give you a chance to relax, recharge and get on with your day.
Expect to feel more alert, focussed and energetic, sometimes immediately after the treatment
or within the next twenty-four hours.

Some say they feel the benefits for a week or so after every treatment.

Research shows, regular reflexology in the workplace reduces absenteeism and staff turnover.

Staff are more motivated, focussed and alert.

"I don't want to take off my clothes at work for a massage. Taking off footwear is fine!"

Jo Impey is a qualified reflexologist and a professional member of the
Reflexology Association of Australia.

Her practice has seen her using reflexology in a number of health care settings and now successfully in the workplace.

Private Health Care Funds now offer rebates for reflexology treatments.