Throw a reflexology party for a special event.

Enjoy a fun evening or afternoon with friends.
Learn about the healing power of reflexology.

How does a reflexology party work?

Get together with five or more friends at someone's house.
Enjoy a drink, something to eat and a chat about reflexology.

Jo will answer any questions you have. Everyone then gets to enjoy a relaxing and revitalising session of reflexology.

Parties can be arranged for small or large groups at almost any venue.
There is no better way to improve your health than with reflexology and you can have fun with your friends at the same time.

Past events include:

Stress relief Christmas Parties
Bridal parties (for the guys too!)
Prenatal groups and family sessions.
Community days
Retail store openings
Fundraising for sports clubs

Parties plus….

It started when a friend suggested I come over and do a "reflexology party." There I was with six working women, champagne cocktails and the reclining reflexology chair. It worked! Six women with happy feet and a host with a free voucher in her hand. Others asked for the same deal until
a friend came up with a new twist - feet and baby infant massage for a group of new Mum's. Another great afternoon with chilled out Mum's and babes- the end result of a reflexology/baby infant massage party.

I now organise parties with two or more reflexologists for larger groups plus any other therapist you might like.

If you have an idea for a "reflexology party plus" give me a call. You might like reflexology with facials, pedicures, a yoga class, infant photography - perhaps have a reflexologist at your next children's birthday party for the parents.

Parties can be arranged for any size group at almost any venue

Private Health Care Funds now offer rebates for reflexology treatments.