Especially beneficial during pregnancy.

May encourage labour if birth is overdue.

Completely safe for mother and baby

Pre natal care

Reflexology is the ideal way to look after yourself during pregnancy. More than pampering, it gives deep relaxation to your nervous system. Reflexology will assist with reducing fluid retention, frequent urination, indigestion and fatigue. It will also induce a greater sense of calm in the initial stages of labour. This treatment is highly recommended during the third trimester of pregnancy on a weekly basis.

Post natal

A great way to speed your recovery after giving birth, especially if labour has been difficult. Case studies show reflexology can assist with post natal depression, lactation and healing after a caesarian birth. You may receive treatments while in hospital or in your home.

Phillipa's story

"I was booked to be induced on the Thursday. I had a reflexology treatment on Monday night and again on Tuesday afternoon. I gave birth at midnight that night after a six hour labour. I was thirty-eight and this was my first baby.

Thank you Jo"

Private Health Care Funds now offer rebates for reflexology treatments.