If you are wondering about reflexology, how it is used, where it has come from, please read on.

Reflexology … a healing craft believed to date back as far as 5000 years in Ancient China. It has developed into a modern therapy used around the world to restore and maintain optimum health.

Reflexology is a tactile therapy that promotes relaxation and balance in the body. We all have reflex areas in our feet and hands that relate to every organ, gland and part of the body. When a reflexologist works on these points, we become more relaxed, circulation is improved and a greater feeling of well being is experienced.

Regular treatments restore the natural balance of your body, encourage the release of toxins, deeper sleep and relaxation. Energy levels are restored when your body is working more efficiently.

"Jo Impey Reflexology Services"
offer reflexology sessions for workplaces, home visits and more.

Carefully chosen and fully qualified reflexologists are selected to visit your workplace, home, or loved ones in aged care. Each reflexologist holds an advanced certificate in reflexology, Level II first aid and is continuing to update their skills in keeping with contemporary practice. There are also parties (yes - reflexology parties!) retail store openings, corporate events and special pre and postnatal care. If someone you love is pregnant - let her know about our service.

Note: Private Health Care Funds now offer rebates for reflexology treatments.