Security Risk Management

Effective security risk management is a requirement of States Health and Safety Legislation, Emergency Services and other Regulatory Authorities, for example the Environmental Protection Authority. It is necessary to provide a safe work place, to protect dangerous goods/ hazardous substances and the defence of key assets.

All organisations should have written On Site Security Risk Management Plans which will integrate with the On Site Emergency Plans. These Plans will contain:

Emergency contact list
Security response procedures
Security management arrangements
Policy and definitions
Site plans
Incident recording and reporting media
Debriefing media

The process in developing an On Site Security Risk Management Plan is:

Create a Security Risk Management Organisation (SRMO)
Select a Security Risk Management Planning Committee (SRMPC)
Identify security exposures by identification of hazards and risk assessment.
Develop a security risk reduction plan
Develop and document Security Standard Operating Procedures and Response
Train staff and practice response procedures
Review and manage plan.

NOTE: Often procedures will be circulated only to those with a need to know. They are, however an integral part of the Emergency Management Arrangements.

EMP provides Consulting and Training in support of the development and operation of On Site Security Risk Management Plans

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