Plant Safety Training

Training programmes are provided that may be tailored to Client’s circumstances. Project Managers, Contracts Administrators and other areas of management may require particular emphasis on the obligations of Designers, Manufacturers, Installers/Erectors, Suppliers and Importers. Workplace Team Leader training provides the skills to conduct practical assessments with workplace personnel. This provides demonstrated proof of training in hazard identification, risk assessment and control of risk which meet Employer obligations for provision of training and information.

Elements of EMP training include:

The Regulatory Framework
Relationship to other Regulatory Responsibilities
Duties and Obligations (Performance)
Designers / Manufacturers / Suppliers / Importers / Installers/Erectors
Development of Plant Registers
Management Systems (Systems of Work)
Contract and Purchasing Controls
Work Management
Work Authorisation
Permit Systems
Isolation Procedures
Consultation and Training
Workplace performance
Assessment of Plant hazards, risk and control measures
Use of Hazard Checklists and Other Exposure Media
Prioritisation of risk for remediation

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