Plant Safety
What is Plant?

Plant is defined in the National Standard for Plant as "any machinery, equipment (including scaffolding), appliance, implement or tool and any component or fitting thereof or accessory thereto".
Australian States provide Plant Safety Regulations, which generally accord with the National Standard.The National Standard calls for safety at the workplace to be dependent on two actions:

Identifying hazards - the potential to cause injury or illness
Assessing and controlling risks - the probability and consequences of
occurrences of injury or illness

Employers have a significant responsibility to ensure that health and safety issues arising from the use of Plant and equipment in the workplace are managed and that appropriate consultation and training is provided to ensure that hazards are identified and control measures provided. These requirements should be met before Plant is used for the first time or when deletions or modifications occur to Plant, Systems of Work related to the Plant or the surrounding workplace environment.

Designers, Manufacturers, Installers/Erectors, Importers and Suppliers of plant also have significant responsibilities in controlling risks and providing prescribed information to the person to whom the Plant is supplied.

EMP has developed media and facilitation services and training, to assist in coping with Legislative requirements, for example, the
Project Managers Handbook and the Plant Safety Records Book.

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