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Occupational Health & Safety System Manual

The Occupational Health & Safety System Manual is designed to assist small and medium size business proprietors to marshall and manage documentation and to provide evidence of performance in regard to obligations under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

This is particularly important for smaller business when tendering for work in the larger business environment when such evidence is required during the tendering process.

The manual assists in meeting Employer Duty of Care obligations and provides a selection from EMP's suite of compliance media to enable hazard identification, risk assessment and control of risk to occur in a practical manner by the use of relatively simple checklists.

Additionally, a range of training and other registers, recording and reporting documentation and a large range of reference media are provided for use as appropriate to the Clients circumstance.

All of this documentation is provided in a bound folder and indexed in a sensible manner. A typical index includes the following major headings with many subheading containing the reference and operational media. A Policy document is also created for the client.

Assessment Documentation and Checklists
Reporting Documentation
Standard Operating Procedures
Guidance Material
Reference Media

The manual is presented in a client specific manner after consultation.

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