Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Preparedness

The aim of this programme is to provide personnel with the necessary skills and competencies in basic fire safety including principles of fire prevention and methods of fire extinction in order to maintain a workplace without risk to health and safety.

This programme is not about training fire teams personnel to perform advanced fire fighting duties. However, this programme is necessary to meet Employer under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Advanced fire fighting is the responsibility of the fire services.

At completion of the programme, personnel will be able to :

Demonstrate an understanding of where Fire Safety Preparedness fits within the
Organisation's general Emergency Management Arrangements.
Define the interaction that needs to take place between themselves, Wardens and
the emergency services.
Demonstrate and understanding of the principles of fire prevention, combustion and
fire extinguishment.
Demonstrate an understanding of the common causes of fire.
Demonstrate an understanding of organisational fire safety procedures.
Identify the most common fire safety maintenance problems that organisations
Identify a range of methods to reduce emergencies in the workplace.
Demonstrate the correct selection and use of Hose Reels, Extinguishers and other
installed firefighting equipment.

This programme, in addition to dealing with the theories of fire safety preparedness, also provides a practical component of hands on training in the use of first aid firefighting equipment.

All trainers are people with a firefighting background.

A certificate of completion is provided.

Comprehensive manuals are supplied to programme participants.

EMP can also facilitate introduction training and refresher training in the use and maintenance of breathing apparatus

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