Fire Safety

Fire Safety Preparedness

This manual is to provide an ongoing reference to the Fire Safety Preparedness Programme. It is important that personnel keep it readily available so that it can be referred to when necessary.

Little reference has been made to Acts, Regulations or Australian Standards and this is intentional. Fire Safety Preparedness is more often than not the application of common sense and this is the approach that is actively encouraged. The right attitude to Fire Safety Preparedness cannot be legislated, and can only be developed through a genuine spirit of cooperation and good intentions. It is with this theme that this manual is written.

The typical content of the Fires Safety Preparedness Manual is:
Aim and Competencies
Interaction with other Emergency Systems
Principles of Combustion, Prevention and Extinction
Causes of Fire
Fire Safety Procedures
Equipment Maintenance
Classes of Fires
Risk Identification
Operation of Fire Extinguishers
Subject Index

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Fire Safety Preparedness - Facilitation Kit

To complement EMPís comprehensive Fire Safety Preparedness Programme, a Facilitation Kit has been designed for in-house training and includes all materials necessary to conduct the programme within an organisation.

Personnel trained under this programme will be provided with all the necessary skills and competencies to carry out early fire attack and improve fire safety within the workplace. This programme is not about training fire teams or training personnel to perform advanced fire fighting duties. Advanced fire fighting is the responsibility of the fire services.

The kit includes:
Step by step guidance notes on how to conduct the programme
Notes on training principles
Suggestions for commencing a training session
A Fire Safety Preparedness Manual. A copy of the manual should be provided for
each person attending the training session. This provides a post course reference for

the trainees. (read and understand this manual before presenting the programme).
Worksheets that suggest how to present each overhead transparency
A set of overhead transparencies that cover the complete programme. The set may
include other transparencies that can be used as appropriate by the Facilitator.
They include:
A list of references used in the compilation of the programme.

Fire Safety Preparedness Facilitation Kit
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