Fire Safety

Fire Safety Preparedness is an integral part of an Organisation's Emergency Management Arrangements.

Emergency Management Arrangements are a necessary part of any organisation's activities and involve all levels. These arrangements require management to develop strategies to safeguard the Organisation's operations, assets and employees by:

Developing policies, practices and procedures (On Site and Off Site Emergency
) and Recovery Procedures
Conducting detailed assessments and audits of fire protection systems
Providing safety signage and equipment
Providing training in the use and maintenance of installed fire fighting equipment

The relevant Fire Authority may be required under regulatory obligation to become involved and to approve Emergency Management Arrangements. This ensures a harmonious approach to dealing with incidents at the Site is achieved.

Proof of compliance against relevant State Regulations, Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA) will often be required.

In order for compliance, detailed audits of fire systems (hydrants, sprinklers, alarms, location of fire fighting equipment etc..) must be carried out, and in some instances, hydrostatic testing to test working pressure of the hydrant main is requested.

EMP has a full capability to facilitate and guide the client through these issues - see Fire Safety Consultancy