Fire Safety

EMP provides a comprehensive range of services in Fire Safety to comply with State Regulations. These services include facilitation with the client to work through often complex issues of compliance under a combination of performance based and prescriptive legislation and harmonising these requirements with the requirements of the Fire Authorities.

These services include the provision of site drawings in a format that satisfies the needs of the Fire Authorities and:

Provision of audits to ensure that fire safety meets Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
Provision of facilitation in the location, installation and maintenance of fire hydrant
systems and hose reels
Provision of facilitation in the location, installation and maintenance of extinguishers
Rationalisation of fire fighting equipment
Provision of guidance on the installation of alarm, emergency warning and
suppression systems
Provision of detailed assessment and remediation reports
Project management for remediation programmes
Provision and maintenance of means of egress and exit signs
Facilitation of fire safety studies
Liaison with Fire Authorities to provide cost effective fire safety elements
Facilitation of installation of emergency warning systems
Provision of colour coded site drawings showing the location of fire fighting
equipment, size and location of fire mains, hydrants, isolation valves, static water
supplies and hose reels

In addition, we provide training programmes in the use and maintenance of installed
fire fighting equipment and emergency management arrangements.

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