Emergency Management

Training programmes are provided to ensure Wardens and other Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) personnel are prepared appropriately.

Warden Training
Formal Training

Principles of emergency management
Hazard and risk
The Emergency Control Organisation
Roles and responsibilities of Wardens
Roles and responsibilities of Emergency Services
Informal Facilitation

Discuss emergency types and responses
Threatening Communications
Armed Intruder
Others as identified
Discuss as appropriate
Communication Systems
Alarm Systems
Marshalling Arrangements
Evacuation Assembly Areas (access/egress)

Table Top Exercise

Tabletop exercises are conducted preparatory to live exercises with appropriate responding Authorities.

EMP write exercise scenarios for selected emergency type
Conduct tabletop exercise
Confirm ECO structure
Confirm alarm systems/communication systems
Confirm response procedures
Provide debriefing report and recommendations for:
visual media
memory aids (plastic cards)
other training as identified for example Basic Fire
Provide final written plans

Emergency Services Exercise

Write an exercise scenario
Coordinate with emergency services (as appropriate to the specific nature
of the Site)
Set up and conduct the exercise
Conduct a debriefing session
Provide a debriefing report
Provide changes to the written plans

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