Emergency Management

Emergency Management Handbook

This Emergency Management Handbook is provided to Emergency Control Organisation members after participation in formal EMP Emergency Management Arrangements Training within large Industrial, Government and Statutory Authorities.

It is also recognised that small to medium sized industries have equal obligations to comply with Health and Safety Legislation. This Handbook, therefore, is part of a comprehensive suite of "do it yourself" media that includes:

On Site Emergency Plans (in generic form)
Off Site Emergency Plans (as required by responding Authorities)
Business Recovery Planning and Action Kit
to enable those industries to introduce and manage cost effective emergency management arrangements.

The typical content of the Emergency Management Handbook is as follows:

An Overview
On Site and Off Site Emergency Plans
Legal Responsibilities in Emergency Management
Emergency Management Policy
The Emergency Control Organisation
Roles and Duties of ECO Members
Emergency Planning Principles
Hazard and Risk
Emergency Response Procedures
Memory Aids
Response Procedure - Flammable Liquid Incident
Recording and Reporting
Incident Log
Debriefing Report
Cover - On Site Emergency Plan
Cover - Off Site Emergency Plan
Cover - Business Recovery Planning Action Kit
CFA Fire Orders

Appendix A
Emergency Management Arrangements
Compliance Checklist
Defect Summary

Appendix B
Essential Services Checklist

Emergency Management Handbook__________________ rrp au $ 45.00

Emergency Management Arrangements - Facilitation Kit

To complement EMPís comprehensive Emergency Management Arrangements Programme, a Facilitation Kit has been designed for in-house training and includes all materials necessary to conduct the programme within an organisation.

The kit is designed to invite and encourage employee participation. The aim of this programme is to facilitate the training of selected personnel on the principles of emergency management and the role and responsibilities of members of and Emergency Control Organisation and the structure and function of an Emergency Planning Committee.

The kit includes:
Step by step guidance notes on how to conduct the programme
Notes on training principles
Suggestions for commencing a training session
A emergency Management Handbook . A copy of the manual should be provided for
each person attending the training session. This provides a post course reference for
the trainees.
Worksheets that suggest how to present each overhead transparency
A set of overhead transparencies that cover the complete programme
A list of references used in the compilation of the programme.

Emergency Management Arrangements Facilitation Kit ___rrp au $1,500.00

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