Confined Spaces Training

A number of elements of training are required for personnel involved in confined space entry. These elements include:

Hazard identification
Risk assessment
Control of risk
Emergency procedures
Selection, use, fit and maintenance of safety equipment

EMP is able to tailor training programmes to suit Client requirements. Practical, hands on training in hazard identification, risk assessment and control is provided by facilitation and involvement of personnel in the site work and supplemented by a minimum of formal training in:
Regulatory framework
Relationship to other regulatory responsibilities (eg: Plant safety)
Duties and obligations of Employers and Employees
Use of permits

By identification of appropriate control measures, specific training needs are identified which will include:
Atmospheric testing
Rescue / retrieval
First aid / CPR

EMP facilitates this training via relationships with Fire Authorities and (in Victoria) the Fire Safety College to provide cost effective and site specific training for involved personnel.