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Confined Space Management Facilitation Kit

This kit provides a comprehensive suite of documentation to assist in effective confined space management in accordance with Australian Standard/Worksafe Australia National Standard, States Regulation and Codes of Practice.

The use of the forms enables a searching review of any existing systems of confined space registration, hazard identification, risk assessment and control in a performance based environment.

The completed documentation provides an audit trail so that proof of performance may be measured. This is particularly important for Organisations with existing systems.
It enables these systems to be checked for comparison with best practice and adjustments made accordingly.

The kit provided the following documentation with explanatory notes:
Confined Space Management Procedure Flow Chart
Confined Space Identification Checklist
Confined Space Register
Confined Space Hazard Identification and Control Statement
Confined Space Management Record and Job Instruction
Permit to work
Confined Space entry permit
Hot work permit

By involvement of workplace personnel in the process, elements of consultation and training are provided in a practical and measurable manner. It is recommended that
the lead in confined space assessment be taken by personnel who fit the definition of competent person (6.1 of the Australian Standard/Worksafe Australia National Standard - "a person who has, through a combination of training, education and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to perform correctly a specified task").

Confined Space Management Facilitation Kit
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