Confined Spaces Consulting

To assist clients with Confined space management, EMP has developed a programme that, by facilitation with competent* client personnel:-
Identifies and records all confined spaces in accordance with the States
Identifies and records all hazards, levels of risk and control measures including PPE requirements identified during the risk assessment process
Creates a management record of all control measures required for each identified
hazard type
Identifies specific equipment and training needs
Provides all entry permit media for ongoing use by the organisation

The time involved in this process is dependant upon the number of non-generic confined spaces within the organisation. It is important to note that by the involvement of client personnel in the process that consultation and training, particularly in regard to hazard identification, risk assessment and control are provided in a practical performance based manner.

Specific training requirements, such as use of specific protective and rescue equipment are identified precisely during the process- see training.

* competent person " a person who has, through a combination of training, eduction and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to perform correctly a specified task"