Confined Spaces
What are Confined Spaces?

Confined spaces are defined in a joint Australian Standard and Worksafe National Standard as an enclosed or partially enclosed space which:
Is at atmospheric pressure
Is not designed primarily as a place of work
Has restricted means of entry or exit
Australian States provide Regulations which generally accord with the
National Standard.

Employers have significant responsibility to ensure that:
Consultation is provided for employees
Confined spaces are identified
Hazard identification, risk assessment and control is carried out (before entry)
Training, information and instruction is provided for employees
Emergency and rescue procedures are written and practiced
First aid is provided
Written approval (permits) for entry are used and recorded

Designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers have significant responsibilities in preventing or minimising problems with Plant which includes or is likely to include a confined space and in providing appropriate information to the person to whom the Plant will be supplied

EMP has developed media and facilitation services and training to assist in coping with Legislative requirements, for example, the Confined Space Management Facilitation Kit.

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