The RAW Womens Diary, published since 1996 as Women Artists Diary has been created to promote and network Australian women artists & writers who live outside of Metropolitan city centres.These regional women of incredible creative talent do not have exposure or exhibiting opportunities of inner city artists.

The Diary has created an opportunity for the local women to come together creatively and to exhibit and share their artworks and writings to women all over the world. The issues and content of the works reflect contemporary issues facing women as we enter the new Millenium, including a celebration of our matriarchal lineage, our connection to the earth and mothercrafts.

This unique full color diary and the gallery website helps to bring recognition to those regional artists and also build an archive of all contributors as a documentation of Australian womens art as we close the century and enter a new millenium.

Each year from over 100 entries 30 artworks are selected for full color reproduction in the diary. Works in traditional mediums such as painting, drawing, photography & printmaking extend to the more tactile such as fibrearts, felt making, sculpture, ceramics and decorative pieces.

As you browse the GALLERY you will find links to each artists own website or email info for more catalogue info on each artist. Most artworks are for sale and have been exhibited publicly, as well as being reproduced in full color in the RAW 2000 Diary.

The WISEWORDS section documents the poetry selections in the diary over the years- contemporary thought of women of the 21st century, mothers of a new millenium. We hope you enjoy this growing collection of REGIONAL AUSTRALIAN WOMENS ART
- a glimpse into the heart and soul of our vast country.

If you need more info on artists or writers email our editor or if you want an opportunity to be in the next edition- copy the entry details from the Entries page. Annual entry deadline is April 30th.

The diary is for sale throughout Australias retail, gallery & bookshop network and is also available for womens groups, schools and community centres for fundraising .

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