Note to developers -This page is brought up when you click on the candidate name in the control centre display

Candidate Management Workbench

You have selected FRED Jones

Who has applied for Position Number F252525

Company BHP

Branch Sydney

Consultant Bill Bloggs

Status Updateable combo box with status codes outlined below

Area Status Action

Candidate skills Available View

Resume Available View

Tel Interview Not requested Request

Tel Interview questionnaire Not available None

Psychological appraisal Not requested Select

IT Skills test Not requested Select

Download Candidate details - File Available Download

Download Candidate Resume Available Download

Your notes (Note to developer a scrollable free text window)

Notes to developers

View should spawn a window and display the relevant file of information

When tel Interview is stored then status should change to available and status view.

When tel interview is requested then this should bring up a window with additional questions for tele interviewer. When this is completed the tel int questionnaire should change to Status – available – Action –view edit

Psychological appraisal and skills tests will need to bring up another window with the options available – these are still under investigation and will be specified later

Download cand details file or resume (– we need to specify a file format) – it should spawn a separate window prompting for a download disc address or browse and select

Note to developer – available status codes are

Status Codes


2 Resume requested by recruiter

3 Resume supplied

4 Telephone interview requested

5 Telephone interview completed

6 Appraisal requested

7 Appraisal completed

8 Interviewing

9 Shortlisted

10 Appointed

11 Position Closed

12 Rejected


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