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AllstarsIT is designed to help recruiters find the right candidates for their IT positions, and to save time and money. This means increased profitability!

Our advanced matching process ensures that you are only presented with candidates who fit the requirements you have specified for the position. This saves you the time you normally spend in filtering out candidates who do not meet your requirements.

Our range of services such as telephone interviewing, referee checks, skills testing and psychological appraisals allow you to further refine your candidate list, saving you valuable time and money.

All your positions and candidate information is easily managed through your control centre. This simplifies the process, and reduces your administration costs.

Our download capability enables you to keep your back office systems updated with the latest candidate information. Selecting either a file format or resume simplifies uploading the data.

There is no charge to register with AllstarsIT or submit a position. There is no charge to find candidates or view their skills and competencies. A small fee is charged only when you select candidates and receive their full resume and details, or when you request additional services.


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