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As well as providing the resumes of those people whose skills and competencies most closely match your requirements, AllstarsIT provides you with a range of services that allow you to shortlist candidates before committing time to face-to-face interviews.
  • We can telephone interview them on your behalf. You may submit additional questions based on reading their resume or to address specific characteristics of the position.
  • We can perform referee checks for you. We will obtain details of the candidates’ referees, contact them and make a report on their comments available to you in the position management centre.
  • To further define the suitability of the candidate for your position we can ask them to complete a psychological appraisal or IT skills test online. A number of options are available to determine overall psychological attributes, sales and client service skills and technical skills in a wide range of technologies.
Our end-to-end management process allows you to supervise all your positions and candidates and transfer information into your own back office administration system. The candidate information is available in Word and other file formats for easy addition to your own candidate base.
Specific information on our services and charging will be provided when you make a Registration Enquiry.
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