The AlstarsIT Info centre provides you with papers and useful links to sites which relate to careers, salaries and other items of value to IT professionals. Our aim to provide you with only the best sites available, and to identify sites with which you may not be familiar. For example in the Search area we have listed some Meta search engines, Australian search engines, and a site which allows you to use any of 500 specialised site and directory searches.

Please let us know of any sites that you have found that you would like to share with your colleagues in the industry.

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Career and resume information

Resume Guide by Yana Parker
A useful site if you are preparing you resume. Has some sensible tips on how to increase the impact of your resume

ACS - salary survey
What are you worth? The Australian Computer Society's annual salary survey (April 99) will give you information on salary increases in the last year, and ranges for positions.

The University of Waterloo - Career Development Manual
The University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada has produced a Career development manual. Lots of reading! but some interesting tips. It takes you through a process which is designed to help you evaluate yourself, the market and make some decisions. If you are looking at a change of career direction, but are feeling a bit lost then follow this link.

ABA Career Help Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Technique
Some good practical advice. The Do'd & Don'ts and Pitfalls sections are particularly valuable.

Interview technique

There are many sites that offer Interview advice. Many of these are developed by tertiary institutions for students. These are some of the better sites.

Good Interview Technique
the basics with some questions to condsider
Handling position interviews - interview techniques & skills - Bradley CVs
Lots of information about the techniques and questions.
Odell and Associates Recruiting Website Interview Technique Page
Short but factual. Good commonsense.
Career Development Manual - University of Waterloo
the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada has put together a very comprehensive guide to self analysis and career planning. The section on Interview technique is as thorough as the rest of the document and provides some good commonsense advice.


ACS Home Page

The Australian Computer society provides interesting industry information

Melbourne PC User Group, Australia's Largest
The Melbourne PC users group is one of the largest in the world, and a forum for users helping users

PC Update
The monthly journal of the Melbourne PC users group

SydneyPC, What's New
The Sydney PC users group
Australian National Library - Science and Technology Directory
If you are seeking anything related to science and technology that is Government related, or has a National association then this massive list of sites from the Australian National Library may help you find it.
Technical stuff

RegEdit Windows Registry Guide
A usefuls resource for technical people working with Windows. Includes enhancements, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and so on.

CETUS - Object Oriented Links & Components

A central directory for all things OO. A great source of information for anyone working with OO technology. A US site with a Mirror at Swinburne University. Over 15000 links and documents, well organised and reasonably easy to find. Aimed at the technlogists.
Java - Sun's Java Homepage
I guess no OO section would be complete without a link to Sun's Java pages. - General Technical Information for developers

The best way to find specific technical information may be to use one of the Search engines listed below. There is so much available that it is difficult to find a good resource that makes it easy to locate. This site is aimed at developers and has quite a good directory structure that is easy to navigate. The links they present seem to be pretty good. It could be a good starting point if you are after technical info.

Linux Online
A central resource for those interested in Linux.

Software - downloads

There are many download sites - some of them mirrored in Australia. Two of the most popular are Cnet's , the Australian CNet site - local but does not appear to have as much content as its US parent, and Tucows

The Directory of Directories

This site has an index of directories from which you can download software. Some of these sites are focused on particular technologies - worth a look as there is lots available. Also has links to many general download sites.

A Guide to Australian Shareware

GangGang - Australian shareware


Not a bad site featuring Australian developed shareware. Has a lot of downloads available - even has footy tipping for ARL & NRL. Worth a look to get Australian specific things and to see what your colleagues have been up to!



There are many news sources and magazines published about various aspects of the IT industry. These are some of the better ones.
APC Magazine - Australia's leading computer magazine
APC magazine. Provides Australian news and information, product reviews and forums on Windows, Mac, Linux and OS/2.
CMPnet The Technology Network
A good US source of lots of technical information.
One of the best US sources of industry news. Links to one of the best download areas available
CNET Australia

The Australian CNET site - provides different information to the US site, but does not have much specific Australian content.

Computers -- Computer Directories, Computer and Internet News and Resources
A US news site - similar to CNET news - also has links to lots of other sites. - Real-Time Internet News
A US site with lots of information on what is going on on the Internet.
PC User Online - Australia's top selling computer magazine
PC magazine with Australian content - good mix of articles and reviews
TTalk Broadcasting
An interesting US site! It has audio stories on lots of technical topics. Worth a look!
Welcome to Australian PC World
Australian PC magazine. Quite good industry articles.
A US news and technical information service. Lots of information available. Links to other news sources.
ZDNet Australia
The Australian version of . A good source of news and downloads.

PC Week Online Australia


A ZD net publication with PC news and some Australian content. Links to all other ZD net sites.

The Melbourne Age & Syney Morning Herald IT sections


The Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald have the same online IT section. This has good local and international content.




A good source of Australian hardware and software reviews and comparisons, Australian IT news, and technical forums. Seems to have more Australian content than some other Australian publications.



There are many search engines and new ones coming online all the time. I have outlined below some of the Meta search engines, and some of the Australian search engines that you may not be familiar with.

Meta Search engines

If you have not tried a meta search engine you shuld give one a try. By entering your search once the Meta search engine looks it up on multiple search engines for you and presents you with the results from them all. Each will search different sources and present the information in varying formats. Try a few and see which one you like.
What are Meta-Search Engines When to use and not use them
A document from UC Berkeley in the US which gives an overview of what a meta search engine is, and reviews four of them.
Meta Search Engines
An Australian sites that lets you enter your query into a number of Meta search engines
Ask Jeeves!
One of my favorite meta search engines
Mamma Mother of All Search Engines
Another favourite meta search engine

All One Search - search over 500 search engines, databases or directories


Not a meta search site but provides search capabilities to over 500 different search engines, databases, indexes and directories- If you want specific hard to find info then this is the place for you. For example search a bug data base, search for MP3 files, search for free Perl code. Worth a look as this could answer those tricky questions.


Australian Search engines


There are a suprising number of Australian search engines. If you are having trouble locating local information give these a try. The most widely used is the familiar Yahoo in its Australian version

One of the larger Australian search engines. Uses the Looksmart directory structure.

A page thats lets you search on a large number of Australian and International search engines. Quite a useful resource if you are having trouble finding what you want.

A recent Australian search engine. The content is building. Feels a bit like using Yahoo.

Boomerang Web Directory and Search Site
An australian search engine - access to specific Australian Information.
Web Wombat Australian Search Engine
An Australian Search engine with access to specific Australian Information

Cowleys Australian Search Engine

A small Australian search engine. Good for locating businesses in your area.

ISP info

Australian Internet Service Providers Directory
If you are looking for an new ISP this directory gives a comprehensive list. I have found it a useful indication of the services and pricing, although some of the information is a bit out of date.