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AllstarsIT helps you find the best new position in the IT industry.

As an AllstarsIT Candidate, you are in charge of your career. You are always informed and in control.

We will notify you about new positions that fit your skills and requirements. And our advanced matching system ensures your mailbox isnít clogged with junk positions. When recruiters are interested in your skills for their position, you choose if you want your name and resume released.

At any time, you can check whatís happening to your applications. When the status of any of your applications changes, we will let you know.

Becoming an AllstarsIT Candidate costs you nothing.

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For recruiters, our advanced matching system brings you the best-qualified applicants.

There is no charge to register with AllstarsIT or submit a position. There is no charge to find candidates or view their skills and competencies.

A small fee is charged only when you select candidates and receive their full resume and details.
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