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This contains the latest updates and changes on new developments and features of AllstarsIT. This can be viewed by selecting the Info centre option on the top menu. You will be notified on exciting new developments to this site on the Home page.

Contact details

You are asked to enter your contact details. This includes your address, contact numbers, Email address and so on. These may be changed at any time by selecting "My details" on the menu. The information in "My details" remains confidential until you authorise it’s release to a potential employer. This information is supplied to a potential employer when you authorise your Resume to be made available.

The "My details" section also includes information on referees, and your user name and password. Your user name and password remain confidential. Your referee information need not be entered until requested, and contact will not be made without your specific approval.


Control Centre

The control Centre is the hub of the system. It enables you see the status of, and manage all the positions for which you have been matched or for which you have elected to apply. The display shows:

    • The position number created by the employer.
    • The short position description. You may view the full position and company details by clicking on the required short position description.
    • The name of the recruitment company
    • The date that the last action occurred on this position. This date will change each time the status of the position is updated. This enables you to quickly identify all changes since you last logged in to AllstarsIT.
    • The status of your application for each position. Nothing is worse than submitting your application for a position and then not knowing what is happening or even if you are still under consideration. The status codes are directly updated by the employer and reflect your position in the recruitment process. The codes applicable are:
    • Applied/Match – you have submitted an application to the employer after performing a search or you have been automatically matched to a position. They have not yet requested your resume or contact details.
    • Resume and contact details requested. The employer has seen your skills profile and believes that you are a fit for the position. They have requested that you make your details available. You may do this by clicking on the "send Resume" button. You should either agree to send your resume or reject the position.
    • Resume supplied – you have provided your resume and contact details and these are being reviewed by the employer
    • Telephone Interview requested. The employer has requested that we conduct a short telephone interview with you. You will be contacted by our telephone interviewer. The results of this interview will be made available to the emloyer.
    • Telephone interview completed. The interview has been completed and is now being evaluated by the employer.
    • Appraisal requested. A skills or psychological appraisal has been requested. You have been contacted by email with instructions as to how to complete this process.
    • Appraisal completed. You have completed the requested skills or psychological appraisal and these are now being evaluated by the employer.
    • Interviewing. You have passed the initial evaluation and the employer will be organising an interview for you.
    • Shortlisted. You have been shortlisted for this position. You should expect further contact by the employer
    • Appointed. You have successfully won this position. Congratulations!
    • Position closed. This position has been filled or i9s no longer available.
    • I rejected. You removed yourself from further consideration for this position.
    • Send Resume. Having viewed the position details you have decided to apply for this position. You are authorising us to supply your resume and contact details to the employer.
    • Reject position. At any point you may remove yourself from further consideration for a position by rejecting the position. We will notify the employer of your decision.



You may Email AllstarsIT at any time. We appreciate your feedback.

Email – status changes

Each time the status of your application for a position changes we will Email you to keep you informed. These status changes will also be reflected in your control centre. Many Emails require you to log on to complete an action. It is important that this is done promptly as they will progress your application for this position.

Email – Request Resume

When a prospective employer requests your resume we will email you and request that you log on to AllstarsIT and authorise us to make your Resume available, or to reject this position. This action occurs in the control centre. It is important that you respond promptly to this request to ensure that your application receives due consideration.

Email – Skills & Psychological testing

When Skills and Psychological tests have been requested we will email you with instruction as to how to complete these tests. Again it is important that these are completed promptly. It is likely that you are under strong consideration for the position if these tests have been requested.

Email – non response/inactivity

Where we have Emailed you requesting that you log on to AllstarsIT and an action is required we will prompt you with a second Email after one week. Where you haven’t taken the action after two weeks we will email you again and suspend your profile.


If you require additional help or assistance please check the AllstarsIT news for the latest information on changes and updates to this site. If you require further information please contact us via email using the Contact us option on the top menu bar. We appreciate your feedback and comments.

Info Centre

The Info Centre is accessed from the top menu bar and provides a pool of information to assist you in gaining a new position and interesting information for IT professionals.

The links provided in the Info centre have all been researched to provide you with sources of information that we believe are the best available. Many of these we believe will be new to you and are worth exploring to see what resources are available. We are delighted to receive information on new sites that you believe will be of interest to your colleagues. Topics covered include:

    • Career and Resume Information
    • Interview techniques
    • Organisations
    • Technical stuff
    • Software download directories
    • News links
    • Meta search engines & search directories
    • Australian Search engines
    • ISP information

Interview Technique

Having been selected for an interview it is time to put your best foot forward. A guide to interview techniques is available in the Infocentre, which will enable you to make the most of this opportunity.

New position matching

The system will take the skills information you have specified and match it against an almost identical set of requirements specified by the employer. This process ensures that when a match occurs that you have the skills required to handle the new position. Our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. When a match occurs you have already passed the first hurdle.

Matches are made when you first register with AllstarsIT. For the period you remain active with AllstarsIT (note you may suspend your registration to prevent further matches occurring) you will be automatically matched against new positions as they are entered on the system. You will be notified by email when each match occurs, and your control centre will be updated with the new opportunity.


Your password and password Help are created in the " My details" screen. You may update your password at any time. To assist you in remembering your password a password hint capability is provided. When you create your password you will be asked to enter something that will help you remember the password you created. If you forget your password in future this message will be displayed to you. The information you store on AllstarsIT is confidential. Your password hint should be something only you will know – for example – my favourite football team would be too easy if everyone knows you are a Carlton supporter


AllstarsIT make every effort to protect your privacy.

Information created in the My Details section which identifies you will not be provided to anyone without your approval. Your skills profile and key achievements will be made available to prospective employers when a match occurs or you apply for a position and you should be careful not to include specific information which can identify you.

You should not share your user name and password with anyone. You should make your password and password hint difficult for other to guess. You should change your password periodically.

Once you have authorised your resume and contact details to be made available to a recruiter or employer, we cannot control their actions.

Psychological testing

To assist you in gaining a position for which you are suited, and to aid employers in selecting the best candidate we are making available a range of skills tests and psychological appraisals. These are sourced from global organisations and are completed via the Internet. The tests results will be made available to the potential employer. When an employer requests that you complete a test we will notify you by Email with full instructions as to the process to be followed.


Referee Checks

We will perform referee checks on behalf of the recruiter. These will not be performed without your permission. Upon receiving the request we will Email you and ask you to check the details in your contact details, perform any necessary updates and agree to us contacting them. The results of the referee checks will be made available to the potential employer.



It is a simple process to register with AllstarsIT. You will be asked to complete some basic contact details, (which will not be released without your consent), complete a simple skills profile, and to create or upload your resume (this will also not be released without your consent).

At any time you may change your status, to cancel your registration and remove your details from the system, or suspend your registration preventing further matches occurring and new opportunities being presented to you. You may reactivate your profile at any time.

Once registered your skills profile will be matched against all the positions specified on the system and new opportunities presented to you. As each new position is entered your skills profile will be matched and where a fit occurs presented to the employer. Having viewed your skills we will notify you by email when the employer requests your resume.

You will need to be registered in order to apply for positions that you find in Search. This enables us to supply the potential employer with your skills profile to determine whether he wishes to see your resume.



AllstarsIT is designed to help you advance your career by finding the best position for you and helping you win it!

Having been matched to a position you have already passed the first hurdle, as our matching process ensures that you have the correct skills for the position.

The next thing that the employer sees is your resume. It needs to convince the employer that you are the right candidate for this position. Information is provided in the Info centre on how to create a resume that will put your best foot forward. This is worthwhile reading.

If you have an existing resume you may upload it or use our resume builder to create one. The resume builder has been designed to make it easier for employers to understand your strengths and why they should interview you.

Where possible the Resume builder has pre-filled the fields in the resume from the details you have already completed. If these are incorrect then you may edit these (we advise you to change these in the original data rather than just on the resume).

Resume – creation

The basic data in the resume is populated from information you have created in entering My details and in creating your skills profile.

Additional information such as Educational qualifications, Training completed, and Interests and hobbies are also requested. These may help an employer gain a quick picture of you as a person.

Your skills and key achievements are entered from the skills profile you created. You should check that these are still accurate. If not update your skills profile. Your key achievements can help a potential employer gain an understanding of what you have done. It is a very important area of your resume. The "creating a winning resume" section of the info centre has valuable tips and advice on completing this section.

We then ask you to complete a summary of your work history. Keep it brief and punchy. Focus on your areas of responsibility and achievements. Again the "creating a winning resume" section of the info centre will assist you.

When you have completed creating your resume using our Resume builder, you may view it as a finished document, just as it will be viewed by a potential employer. At any time you may edit or update this resume.


Resume – Uploading an existing

If you have an existing resume you may upload this onto the system. You may replace your resume with an updated one at any time. Before uploading your resume we would suggest reading the "creating a winning resume" section of the info centre, and reviewing your resume against the tips and techniques outlined.

All resumes are required in Word6 format. Should you not have access to Word6, or be unable to save a document in Word6 format then you may cut and paste into our resume builder.

Resume – creating a winning resume

The Info centre has advice on creating a winning resume. These tips and techniques can help you stand out from the crowd, and gain an interview for the position you are seeking.

Resume – Changing

At any point you may edit the resume you have created with our resume builder, or upload an updated version of your resume.

Resume – making available to employer

Your resume will be kept confidential and will not be passed to an employer without your permission. Having viewed your skills and achievements an employer may request a copy of your resume. We will Email you and ask you to go to the Control centre and authorise (or reject) the sending of your resume.

Search – Searching

The search capability allows you to browse the positions available on AllstarsIT and apply for those that interest you. Whilst our advanced matching process will identify those positions which match your skills sets, there may be occasions where you are seeking a change of career, or wish to move to a new technology where your existing skills will not identify you as a candidate.

You can perform a search at any time and are able to submit as many searches as you wish. You may make the search as broad or as narrow as you wish.

Selecting a limited number of search criteria will find many positions. These will not necessarily all be of interest to you. By completing more search criteria you will start to identify those that interest you, and save yourself browsing through large numbers of positions.

The selection of the AND, OR, and NOT option will help target your search.

Using AND will mean that this attribute needs to be present in the profile for this position and will narrow the search. For example Java AND C++ will only find positions that require both Java and C++. This will be a limited number of results.

Using OR will expand your search. Java OR C++ will find all positions that require either Java or C++. This will give a much greater number of matches.

Using NOT will reduce the number of results. Java OR C++ NOT Mainframe, will locate all Java and C++ positions that are not mainframe based.

In some ways you may need to experiment. If your search is not finding what you are looking for, or you are having to wade through too many responses, then change your criteria and search again.

Search – results

The Search results will give you a short description of each position that meets your search criteria. To see the full position description you may click on the position title and the full description will be brought up in a separate window. When you have seen this you may close the window, and return to the search results page. To apply for the position just click on the apply button.

Search - apply for a position

To apply for a position click on the Apply button that appears under each position in the Search results. This will make available your skills profile to the employer and notify them that you have applied for this position. Having reviewed these details they may request you resume and contact details.

Skills Profile

Completing the skills profile accurately is extremely important, as this profile serves two purposes.

Firstly it is your skills profile that is matched against a similar profile that the employer has specified for the position. If you have skills but do not want a position that uses these skills then do NOT include them in your skills profile. For example if you had 10 years COBOL development expertise, but do not want a position working with COBOL do not include this in the technical skills area as the system will start to match you against positions that require experienced COBOL programmers. You may want to include this data in the key achievements area. The employer will be aware that you have had this level of experience by specifying your years programming experience.

Secondly the potential employer will see your skills profile and decide whether to request your resume.

It is important that your skills profile gives the potential employer a good picture of your capabilities. Entering more rather than less will help establish your profile.

Completing the Key Achievements section will help an employer understand what you can offer them.

Skills profile – changing

You may update and change your skills profile at any time. As your experience changes it is important that you keep this up to date. As you experience matches you may wish to remove or add skills to broaden or narrow the opportunities presented to you.

Skills Profile – tips on completing

You should complete the skills profile honestly. You should include your key skills, and provide as much information as possible which will help identify you for a position.

If you have skills but do not want a position that uses these skills then do NOT include them in your skills profile. For example if you had 10 years COBOL development expertise, but do not want a position working with COBOL do not include this in the technical skills area as the system will start to match you against positions that require experienced COBOL programmers. You may want to include this data in the key achievements area to let the employer understand your background. The employer will be aware that you have had this level of experience by specifying your years programming experience.

Whilst the selection process includes most technologies, there may some that are not in the tables. You should select the "other" options that are provided in the tables, and specifically enter these skills in the Keyword section.

Completing the "Key Achievements" section of the profile is extremely important. When a match has occurred, you have passed the first hurdle in being presented to the employer with a skills profile that matches the position. It is likely that the employer may be considering many applicants (from many different sources). Reading your key achievements will help a potential employer to decide whether to request your resume.

Information in the Info centre on resume building will assist you in completing the "key achievements" section. It should be short and punchy. It should focus on your achievements, and enable the employer to understand why you are the sort of applicant they are seeking.

Skills Testing

AllstarsIT enables an employer to request that you complete a skills test. These are typically technical in nature and will enable you to demonstrate your expertise in a particular technology. The tests are sourced from providers around the world, are typically timed, and ask 50+ questions on each technology. The questions cover basic, intermediate and advanced understanding of each topic. The results of these tests will be made available to the potential employer.

When a skill’s test is requested we will Email you and provide instructions on how to complete the test. The test are completed online. Employers may request that they are completed at their offices.


Status – changing

You may change your registration status at any time. You may remove yourself from the system, or suspend your profile from further matches.

Status – Suspend & Reactivate

The "Suspend" capability will retain your details on the system, and maintain your status with all positions for which you have been matched, but prevent further new matches occurring. The Reactivate option will rematch you against all positions that are on the system, and match you against all new positions as they added.

Status – Remove delete

You may delete your profile from the system at any time. This will remove all your details from the system, reject you from all positions that have been matched and notify the potential employers. Should you wish to reactivate yourself you will need to re-register.

Telephone Interviews

Potential employers may request that we conduct a short telephone interview with you. These will typically take less than 30 minutes and will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

When an interview is requested we will Email you and let you know of the request. We will update the status in the Control Centre. Our telephone interviewers will arrange a convenient time to conduct the interview by telephone. They will use the contact numbers specified in your Contact details.

The results of the telephone interview will be made available to the potential employer.


Should you have problems at any time please email us and let us know of any problems you may be experiencing and any suggestions as to how we may improve our service to you.

User name & Password

You may change your password at any time in "My details"